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Key West Florida Weather

Key West Florida Weather

Key West Florida Weather

Key West, Florida is one of the warmest places in the United States due to its year-round warm climate. Classified in the Tropical Savannah Climate region, Key West is the perfect vacation destination in any season! You can experience your next vacation and the fantastic weather in Key West by renting from Key West Jeep Rentals. Read here to learn more about the weather in Key West!

Average temperature in Key West

Key West experiences relatively high temperatures year-round. Temperatures peak in August while reaching their lowest temperature in January. August brings an average high of 91 degrees and a low of 81 degrees. On the opposite end of the spectrum, January brings an average high of 75 degrees and an average low of 67. The yearly average temperature is roughly 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Key West’s hottest day on record occurred on September 14th, 1980, when it reached a sweltering 103 degrees. The record low temperature of 41 degrees dates back to January 12th, 1886, and still maintains that record. 

Wet and dry seasons of Key West

Key West experiences a two-season wet and dry climate. The driest months, November through April, make up for only 25% of the average yearly rainfall, accounting for just 19 days of rain on average. During a given year, each of these months typically experiences just 3-4 rainy days per month. The wettest months, May through October, account for an average of 48 rainy days per year, averaging between 5 and 11 rainy days per month. During the wet months, rain typically falls in the morning, often in a heavy, tropical way, and is usually followed by intense sunshine. In total, Key West gets an average of 40 inches of rain each year, making it the driest city in Florida. 

Florida Keys Ocean temperatures

Ocean temperatures are another factor to consider when planning your next vacation. Just like the air temperatures, the ocean temperatures peak in August and reach the minimum in January. The average water temperature in the winter months is roughly 75 degrees. In Spring, 79 degrees, in the summer, water temperatures reach an average of 86 degrees, while in Fall, the water temperatures average at 82 degrees. This brings the yearly average water temperature to roughly 80 degrees. 

Enjoy Key West Weather In a Jeep Rental!

Key West, Florida, offers some of the best year-round weather in America! To get the most out of your Key West vacation, renting a Jeep From Key West Jeep Rental helps you enjoy the perfect weather, from the beautiful beaches to the Old Town historic district! You can book a Jeep right here on our website and pick it up when you get here. Then it’s time to take the top off and turn on vacation mode!